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‘I Want My Mummy’ Toddler’s Homemade Halloween Costume

There’s nothing more adorably haunting than a mummy costume for Halloween! Unfortunately, most homemade mummy costumes include wrapping your child in endless amounts of strips—what toddler will stand still for that? Here’s a way to turn your little one into a mummy without needing to wrap him or her up. It’s incredibly easy to make and is a warm and cozy costume for cooler areas.

What you’ll need:
White hooded sweatshirt and white sweat pants
Old white sheet
Hem tape, cloth glue or Sewing Machine
Velcro—the sticky Velcro dots will work fine
Optional: Green child safe face paint; fake costume jewelry and crown for a Princess Mummy.

When purchasing a hooded sweatshirt and sweat pants, you might want to get a size larger if you live in a cooler climate so you can layer clothes underneath.

Cut or rip the sheets in to strips. Don’t worry about frayed edges or uneven widths. They only make your mummy look more authentic! Start with the sweatshirt top. Attach sheet strips to the costume by sewing, fabric gluing or using hem tape that you iron on. You’ll want to give a sense of the mummy being ‘wrapped’ around the sweatshirt, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. The white sweatshirt beneath will help fill in any gaps. For a fun effect, tie loose ends together to make knots. Just make sure the knots aren’t in places that make it hard for your child to sit in a car seat!

When you get to the hood, be careful not to wrap the cloth around the face, as could pose as a visibility problem. However, for a really authentic look you can drape a small piece of sheet across the nose area and attach it to the other side with a piece of Velcro. That way, your little one will look like a mummy but if the piece becomes caught on something it will break free.

When it’s time to decorate the pants, you’ll want to see how far down the sweatshirt top hangs. If it’s a big top you won’t need to decorate the hips and waist area. Mark with a pen where the top falls and then make sure you start ‘wrapping’ your pants a little above that line. Again, the wrapping doesn’t need to be perfect. Use hem tape or sew as needed.

Once you’re done, you can add accessories. A green face is always ghoulish at Halloween! If your little girl wants to be a mummy, you can accessorize her with the costume jewelry and crown to become a Princess Mummy.

Enjoy this fun, creative mummy costume for your toddler this Halloween! It’s hard to believe a sweat suit and an old bed sheet can be such a hauntingly good time!

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Mummy costume Includes a tattered jumpsuit and a matching mummy costume hood. Does not include shoes.

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